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Montessori schools are a popular choice for parents who want to help their child's cognitive development. The program, developed by Maria Montessori, covers all facets of education and is one of the best foundations you can give your child.

Maria Montessori's biography, timeline of her life and her first environment where it all started can be found here written by Montessori  Australia Foundation.

Leavesden Montessori House admits children from the age of one to six years. The school hosts Regular Open Mornings on Saturdays, and allows Prospective parents to attend these. Parents are encouraged to book early for these as they are oversubscribed. The staff team is available to show you around the school, give you a brief description of the Montessori Materials and the setup of the classrooms as well as talk about a typical day in the Montessori Classroom.

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The Montessori Way

Leavesden Montessori House caters for the total development of each individual child. The spacious hall houses the full range of Montessori equipment within which there are specific areas within the environment to help the child with his/her development. Please see our introductory video here.

These are the Practical life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, Cultural, Science, Botany, Music and Art areas. Each child will be guided along the activities by the trained teachers. All the equipment is child sized and materials are placed on shelves that are easy to reach for the children.

Social development is important in the children's house and there is an emphasis on mixed age grouping within the setting.

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As part of our mission to ensure that children have a foundation for life we have established the Sitara Toto Trust, working with other organizations in Kenya and Tanzania to provide a good Montessori Education. Our first project was to support in building a Montessori Kindergarten in one of the poorest areas in Tanzania.

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Mother and Baby Group

"The development of the child during the first three years after birth is unequaled in intensity and importance by any period that precedes or follows in the whole life of the child." -- Maria Montessori

Leavesden Montessori has started their popular Mother and Baby Group Sessions. These will be delivered online and it will cover important topics such as Movement, Language and Weaning and more.



  • The Leavesden Montessori is the best nursery, you can see they put so much love in everything they do, they encourage your child to learn, to have fun, to spend a great time.
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