Leavesden Montessori


The Mother and Baby Group sessions will be delivered online. Please call us to find out more about them or to join a session:

Baby Group Session 1:

Introduction to Montessori and chat about the next few weeks, and introduce ourselves. 

Talk about the importance of Order and includes routines and support for the children.

Movement – crawling to co-ordination - which will include importance of tummy time, importance of large muscle development moving to small movement.

Baby Group Session 2:

Development of the Hand and the Brain – Montessori’s recognition of the role of the hand in developing the Human Intelligence is unique.

Talking about different grasping movements and things you can use to support this.

Baby Group Session 3:

Language and intelligence – Gesture and expression

Different cries for different reasons and through observations you can understand what your baby’s needs are.

Development of Oral language.

(Supporting dual languages, singing to your child, counting rhymes)

Share ideas for language cards.

Baby Group Session 4:

The amazing absorbent mind and supporting the sensorial development of the baby. 

Importance of Food/supported by successful weaning