Leavesden Montessori

Parent Testimonials

Leavesden Montessori are simply the best 😃

Our two children went through the nursery on a full-time basis for a combined period of 7 years.

Our daughter from 2015 - 2018 and our son from 2019 - 2022.

We viewed a number of nurseries prior to our daughter joining back in 2015, unfortunately they didn't have a space at the time, we therefore had to put her into a different daycare for two months.

When she finally joined Leavesden Montessori, the difference was obvious - from how quickly she settled in, to the quality of the food and the care and attention given. We didn't have to worry about her as we carried on with our busy daytime schedules.

Mr and Mrs Shah are very family oriented and create a great sense of community for all the parents and children - this is evident in how they do things such as arranging various activities at the setting or local park, end-of-year get togethers, father's day breakfast for the dads to join their children for breakfast, create recipe books for the meals that the kids like and many many more..

Another great example that stood out for us - during the first covid19 lockdowns when schools/daycares were closed, Mr and Mrs Shah used to drop-off personalised activity packs to our homes for the kids to work on. 

In addition to the fantastic Montessori foundation, all these 'little' things really make the difference and after 7 years we truly feel like they are an extension of our family.

 -Titus and Michaela


Leavesden Montessori gave my son the best start. He joined a few weeks after the school was opened and I would say it was the best decision I made for my son's education and development. The Montessori setting and teaching methods that were used, enabled my son to thrive academically and socially. The staff were well trained and qualified for their roles. Furthermore, the school put great emphasis on parent/teacher communication which ensured that I always knew about my son's progress and was able to discuss any issues with the teachers. Leavesden Montessori was not just my son's school, but it was also a place he enjoyed spending time in and was always happy (I'm not surprised, because Mrs Shah was always around greeting parents and smiling). He is now in secondary school and performing far above his age related academic expectations, he is highly independent, a critical thinker and quite disciplined and I credit this to the Montessori learning he got from Leavesden Montessori House.



Choosing Leavesden Montessori for both my son and daughter has been the best decision we made. Both my kids enjoyed their time thoroughly and formed amazing bonds with the staff. Every drop off and pick up was easy as they were happy to be there. The staff are very nurturing and both my kids were taught amazing life and language skills and became independent very early on.  For any new parent, the Montessori is highly recommended if you’re after a nurturing and loving place with a family feel for your little one.

Thank you to the Leavesden team for all they have done for both my children.

-Hira and Shiraz


Sending our son to Leavesden Montessori was the best decision we made. It is often a worrying time for parents when faced with the decision to put their child into nursery. You think about the reputation of the nursery, the teachers, the owners, whether your child will 'fit in' etc. We can honestly say Leavesden Montessori has exceeded our expectations, and our son is thriving because of it. From day one he was made to feel at home, and so were we. Any time we had a question or a concern it was addressed the same day. You can tell whether or not your child is enjoying nursery and our son was always smiling and happy when he was dropped off and picked up. The teachers and owners always have a smile on their face and are so approachable. They genuinely care about your child's development and education. It has felt like a family unit from the outset and we have nothing but good things to say about Leavesden Montessori. It will be sad to see our eldest son leave but we have our youngest son on the waiting list! A heartfelt thank you to the team at Leavesden Montessori!

 -Divya & Dilesh

The Leavesden Montessori is the best nursery, we can't recommend enough! Setting is fantastic, but above all the staff is amazing, you can see they put so much love in everything they do, they encourage your child to learn, to have fun, to spend a great time. So personalised in every single way with an incredible online platform where you can see how your child is learning and progressing. Also, always available for 1-2-1 conversations to discuss how your child is doing. Very transparent. Always honest. We would recommend Leavesden Montessori to anyone who is looking for something more than a safe and happy environment for their child... Here they are loved, entertained and looked after with the best smiles, hugs and patience. Not to forget - delicious organic food prepared by the chef. Ten out of ten. Very grateful for Jessica being at this nursery from her early age until she was 5 years old. 

-Jana & Rohit M.

The best decision we made was moving our daughter from another Montessori to Leavesden. At LMH we have seen her flourish in so many ways including her confidence and independence. The Montessori approach has provided her with life long skills and enabled her to develop a good reading and writing foundation ready to start school. The staff are brilliant and are extremely dedicated, nurturing and approachable. The directress is passionate about each child and takes a direct interest in every child’s wellbeing and learning. She is always at hand to give advice or take on board any concerns. Our younger daughter is due to re-start the nursery and we look forward to her journey at LMH. I would highly recommend LMH for any parent wanting the best start for their child.

-Dr M Anwar

Leavesden Montessori is a homely place where staff nurture children's independence and teach the value of practical life, sensorial skills as well as other core Montessori  principles. Our son & daughter have grown in confidence & learnt so much during their time there. It was a wonderful experience for them. The staff are caring & both our children loved the Montessori environment. They enjoyed participating in the groups that were held including cooking, sticky kids music and story time.  They loved seeing the Wild fangs animals and had the opportunity to go on nursery trips including visiting the theatre & safari park. We loved being part of the Montessori family & are grateful to all the staff for their input in our children's early stages of life.

- Ishrat and Ralph

Leavesden Montessori has helped my son and daughter become strong, independent young people in both emotional resilience and life skills. Staff created a nurturing and educational environment that was stimulating and creative. My children were always supported to achieve their fullest potential and it has been wonderful to be part of their Montessori family.

- Lyndsey

Leavesden Montessori is the best nursery I know. My 3.5-year-old learnt so much here. This is the place where she grew to be who she is now. A very independent girl who loves to do most of the things herself with a can-do attitude. This is a small homely place with a personal touch where they give attention on every child individually. The Montessori material followed here is very extensive and helps kids learn academic as well as practical lifelong skills. My daughter loves being here and look forward to going back daily. The emphasis on independence, reading books, tidying up, cleanliness etc are some of the Montessori values inculcated deep within her. I never had to worry about my daughter after sending her to Leavesden Montessori. I am glad that our daughter could be a part of this lovely Montessori.

- Rajesh and Mahak

Leavesden Montessori has made an immense contribution towards Sreshtha's growth since she was 2 years old. Her love for reading, writing, painting, sewing and various other activities is attributed to the couple of years she spent in the watchful and caring eyes of yours and rest of the staff. We are especially indebted to Mrs Shah, Ms Lucy and Ms Ripanti for the care Sreshtha has received from them.

Dipa and I are truly impressed by each and every aspect of Leavesden Montessori. 

The curriculum has helped Sreshtha to grow in various disciplines. Apart from reading, writing and painting, activities like sewing, cooking, cutting, washing has helped Sreshtha develop her concentration and fine motor skills. 

The educational methodology is excellent. All the activities were taught as fun activities, which has left a lasting impression.

Staff support has been excellent. Sreshtha has always been busy with various activities.

Sreshtha missed going to the Montessori during the lockdown and it was unfortunate the way it ended. Even during the lockdown, you continued to deliver educational materials at children's residences. We really appreciate the effort that you took during those difficult times and it shows how serious Leavesden Montessori is about the growth of its pupils.

- Sudip and Dipa

We couldn’t have been happier or more satisfied with the time Leo spent at Leavesden Montessori house and feel sure it has laid a wonderful foundation for his next steps into school.  When you see the nursery in action, it is incredible to see so many little people completely engaged in activities, calm and enjoying their day, they are not being managed or kept in line, they are all thriving with their individual needs being met. The regular communication, updates and individual approach means the links between home and school are so strong, even during the prolonged lockdown it was the most heartwarming experience to receive daily emails, online sessions and regular post and resources at home. 

The staff at Leavesden are the biggest asset. I’m not sure there is a team of kinder, more gentle, patient, encouraging and dedicated individuals going and we have always felt that for so many their Montessori role and ethos is more than just a job, it is a way of life.  

Leo has made lovely friendships and gained so much independence and thrived from the regular routine and familiarity of the classroom and practices. 

We have loved the opportunities that he has had to learn french, the violin and practice yoga (it’s amazing to watch him practice what he has learnt at home!) as well as the many regular visits from Wild Fangs, musicians, and other outside guests, and invites to trips, local shows and activities. 

Leavesden has felt like a big family that you become part of, bringing with it so many opportunities to learn, to share and come together and we will miss you all incredibly. 

-Stephanie E.

Leavesden always has been and always will continue to be my number one choice when it comes to looking for a Montessori that will give my children the best of everything!! Being a parent and looking for a place to send your child for the first time is very daunting and I was so nervous 6 years ago when I was looking for a place for my daughter Ameera! And then I stumbled upon Leavesden Montessori and all my worries vanished when I met Mr and Mrs Shah and the lovely team!!! Their kind, caring and warm welcome was exactly what I wanted for my child with every detail was looked after - from helping me potty train her in a matter of days (something I was dreading!!!) To helping her explore different types of foods to having lovely facilities such as French classes, yoga sessions that allowed Ameera to flourish so beautifully!

When I had my second child, I had not an ounce of doubt about where I would send him and made sure he was added on to the list as soon as i knew when I wanted him to start and Leavesden did not disappoint!  I was so excited for him to be able to flourish in the same way his sister did and it was so refreshing to see him open up, become so confident, sing different songs in different languages, play so confidently with others and I even managed to get him potty trained with the huge help of Leavesden in a matter of a few days (SCORE!)

The staff at Leavesden have always been happy to accommodate to my needs, always so helpful in providing updates and I could see Ali learn to trust them and look forward to waking up and going to Montessori every single day! Even when the pandemic hit, Leavesden continued to keep in constant contact with us, creating new content for the children through zoom so that they did not miss out - Mr and Mrs Shah personally drove around dropping envelopes full of brilliant activities for children to do - how thoughtful of them and the staff who put these together!! I am so glad both my children have been a part of this amazing Montessori and if I would dare to have a third child (GULP) I would honestly say Leavesden Montessori would be my first choice!!!

We are sad to be leaving but we will always come by for some hellos and those yummy cookies you bake with the children!!!

-Sakina M.

We were very lucky to have our little princess to start her early days at Leavesden Montessori. Actually speaking, initially we were not happy to start our daughter’s nursery when she was 12 months as she was very small and just started walking a little bit. But all our worries were gone after we started sending our daughter to Leavesden Montessori as she never missed us and was taken care of with a lot of love and affection by all the staff members. In fact, she used to miss the nursery on weekends and holiday time.

Food – It’s all organic veg food, she never had any issue with the food. She started eating more fruits and vegetables than before. We got a lot of advice and guidance from the staff that helped us to feed her favourite foods.

Sharing Memory – Staff members always share our daughter’s memorable moments with us every day. We have a lot of photos and videos to recall all those wonderful memories. We are sure this would be the priceless gift to us throughout time.

Learning – This is the best place to learn new things. Our daughter often surprised us every day, learning new things. Their daily report used to explain our daughter’s daily learning. All the drawings and other works done by our daughter used to be shared with us often.

Staff – They are the angels to our daughter. She missed every one of them now.

Mr & Mrs Shah are the most wonderful kind people on the planet. We could go to them and ask for any advice.

-Siva and Srija


Our two daughters had fond memories of their time at Leavesden Montessori.  They made a lot of friends and had a great relationship with the teachers and staff. The staff is very caring, professional, friendly and patient. We were very pleased with how the team looked after our eldest daughter and when the time came we decided that Leavesden Montessori was the best place for our youngest as well.

-Luis and Emilse