Leavesden Montessori

Typical Day

The children arrive at school around 8 in the morning. They will gather for an informal chat and will then be ready to start their breakfast with a staff member.

After breakfast the children start their work in the classroom.  The children will be choosing different activities, from button frames to scrubbing.  The activities are child driven and the children will find work that they want to do and are interested in.  The directress will be there to support and move them to their next work should they require it.

The snack table is ready for the children to visit when they wish.  There will always be someone ready to take over with the serving of the snack or washing of the snack items. The mini society that exists in the classroom will start spontaneous groups such as news or singing groups. Other social activities include Story or Grace and Courtsey groups.

Lunch is served around twelve consisting of mostly organic freshly cooked vegetarian meals. The children also get a chance to choose their meals.  This is a lovely time, as they sit with an adult, and start with their salad.  In the background there is some light music playing and the children enjoy a relaxed lunch.

After lunch the children will be getting ready for a play in the garden.  After play, some children will have a small nap and the other children will be ready for a drink and story followed by activities that they choose to do in the afternoon.

Milk and biscuits are served in the afternoon, and many children leave soon after at four.  The children who stay behind will have their tea at four thirty.

The whole day is relaxed and the children will be following what their needs and interests are as they will be guided by the trained Montessori Directress.